Local and Regional TIME Agenda
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Local and Regional TIME Agenda

Public presentation: Life balance: Work, care and personal time

The Local and Regional Time Agenda is a pioneering compilation of time policies implemented in a post-COVID era by local, metropolitan and regional authorities from distinct corners of the world.

This agenda aims to become a guide for those institutions interested in time policies as a tool to transform the society of the 21st century by making it healthier, more egalitarian, more efficient and more sustainable for all. It provides an updated compilation of time policies grouped by different topics as well as practical recommendations on how to implement them.

In particular, this publication tackles a time-related topic of global relevance: “Life balance: work, care and personal time”. Historical and current data point to deep disparities among people all over the world, especially between men and women. In the 21stcentury, citizens, their institutions, private companies and social agents need to define and find a better life balance.

In this event, the publication of the Agenda will be presented and some of the 35 best practices will be explained by the local and regional institutions. All invited institutions will then      reflect on the      transferability of their policies  to other cities and regions.

This Agenda is coordinated by the Local and Regional Governments Time Network, the international network to exchange and promote implementable time policies generated at the local and regional level.


9 of June 2022


2 hours, 14.30 - 16.30h (CET)




14:30 h – Welcome to the Local and Regional Network. Barcelona, World Capital of Time Policies – Laura Pérez, Councillor of Social Rights, Global Justice, and Feminism (Barcelona City Council).

14:35 h – Introduction and presentation of the Agenda –  Marta Junqué, co-coordinator of the Barcelona Time Use Initiative, acting as the Secretariat for the Local and Regional Network.

14:40 h – Issue introduction

  • Maria Luz Vega Ruiz, Senior Adviser Research Department, International Labour Organization (ILO).
  • Sanna Nivakoski, Research Officer at Eurofound.

14:55 h – Good practices in lifetime balance.

First part: Public Policies aimed at improving life balance towards citizens 

  • Bogotá Care System, Bogotá –

    Diana Maria Parra Romero, Secretary of Equality Policies of the Bogotá City Council.

  • Time for Care, Catalonia – Núria Vergés,

    General Director of the
    Care, Time Organization and Employment Equity of the Catalan Government.

  • Barcelona Business Network for New Working-Time Arrangements (NUST Business Network), Barcelona – Emilia Pallàs Zenke, Executive Director of the Municipal Socio-economic Development Area of the Barcelona City Council.
  • Fostering co-responsible reconciliation through public procurement, Strasbourg – Marina Lafay, Time Office and Innovative Service of the Strasbourg City Council.

Second part:  Public Policies aimed at improving Life Balance for public employees

  • Smart working and flexibility in the municipal administration, Bolzano – Sylvia Profanter, Head of the Statistics and Time of the City Office of the Bolzano City Council.
  • The Near-working Project, Milan – Francesca Zajczyk,

    University Professor, representing Deputy Mayor for Mobility of the Comune di Milano.

    Caterina Laurenzi,

    Policy Advisor, Economic development and labour policies Department of the Comune di Milano.


15:30h – Recommendations on facilitating the transferability of practices.

Debate among the speakers & Questions and Answers.

16:15 h – Closure and next steps – Tempo Terriorale, Katja Kuger, Board member of the Local and Regional Governement Time Network.